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Friday, June 10, 2005 at 3:09 PM

Simple Plan for Prenatal Vitamins and Minerals

Compiled and Edited by Julie Pippert, Creator of and the Fit for Success program, which makes you, your home, your life and your family healthier, naturally.

All the nutrients needed to meet the U.S. RDA for pregnant and lactating women are available in existing Shaklee supplements. With the approval of the obstetrician, Vita-Lea, Iron Plus C, B-Complex, and Calcium Complex can offer an excellent prenatal supplement program for pregnant women.

Moreover, Meal Shakes and Carbo-Crunch Bars could be added as convenient snacks (not meal replacements) to make sure the extra calories needed during pregnancy are packed with good health and nutrition.

Shaklee suggests a basic plan that includes

2 Vita-Lea tablets,

1 Calcium supplement,

1 Iron Plus C,

1 B-Complex,

and of course, a balanced diet to help support a healthy pregnancy.

While the herbal products, Optiflora, Garlic, Peppermint-Ginger Plus, Echinacea Complex, Valerian Plus, as well as the Herbal-Menthol Lozenge, should be fine for women to take during pregnancy, our Health Sciences personnel recommend these products be taken with the approval of the attending physician. In the case of Nasal-D, Herb-Lax, and Moodlift, again we recommend expectant mothers seek the advice of a obstetrician also, before using these products.

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