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Saturday, June 04, 2005 at 2:52 PM

Using supplements during pregnancy

Pregnancy and Supplementation
By Judy Decker, Lay Midwife, from Erie, PA

"After delivering 76 babies in the home - without anesthesia,
fancy equipment, and a staff of doctors, nurses, aides and orderlies,
I'm convinced that maternal nutrition is the single most important
factor in the production of healthy offspring and a well mother."
"Shaklee mothers experience significantly less blood loss (2-3
teaspoons compared to 1 to 2 pints). Their placentas are smaller,
firmer, and healthier. There is less vaginal tearing (skid marks).
Newborn babies are more alert, more contented, and less prone to
birth-related injury."

Specific points:

1. There was no colic noted in Shaklee babies.

2. One patient ate Vita-Cal all through her labor and had
almost a pain-free experience. Apparently the needs of your muscles
are so intense that supplying the calcium, she greatly reduced the
sensation of contraction.

3. Childbearing years are very hard on a woman's body. Yet the
women taking Shaklee food supplements had fewer complaints of
constipation and vomiting. In running blood tests on these women,
Judy found Shaklee vitamin products were absorbed & utilized by the
body. Synthetic vitamins were not.

4. I can't imagine anything that is more valuable to you as a
parent than a healthy child. The time to invest in that child's
health is while that child is developing. [The cost is well worth
it] to have the healthiest baby you can have. [It's] cheap
because once that baby is born, there's not much you can do. You can do
so much while that baby is growing inside you.


3 T. [Energizing Soy] Protein (80 gms/day recommended)
4 Vita-Lea per meal
1 400 IU Vita E per meal
1 B Complex per meal
4 Alfalfa per meal
1 Zinc a day
1 Iron Plus C per meal
4 Calcium Magnesium per meal
Herb Lax -- 1 at night for 3 weeks, 2 at night for the 4th week, 3
per day at 7 months, 4 per day at 8 months, 5 per day at 9 months.

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