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Monday, February 28, 2005 at 2:42 PM

I've lost 12 ½ pounds, 9.75 inches, and 5.75% of body fat

By Diane Wilson

I just returned from Curves where I was weighed and measured. I just completed my 8th week of TEAM-15, a Shaklee Weight Management program to shed weight and feel great. Well, it is working for me! And I am very grateful!

In the last 8 weeks, I have shed 12 ½ pounds, 9.75 inches, and 5.75% of body fat. The goal of the program is to shed about 15 pounds in 10 weeks, so I am right on target for doing that.

Last year I used another Shaklee Weight Management program until I started TEAM-15. I had plateaued, and that was why I thought I needed to do a program with more structure.

So, all together, using Shaklee's weight management products, exercise, drinking lots of water, eliminating toxins from my eating as best I can, and some other simple methods since January of 2004, I have shed (forever!) 32 pounds, 32.75 inches, and 23.88% of body fat.

I bought new pants (I no longer could hold the old ones up with big pins!) which are 3 sizes under what I was wearing a year plus ago. That is where I carry my weight, so that is the greatest victory!

I have gone from size Large shirts and sweaters to size Medium. This year-plus-journey has not been difficult because Shaklee's wonderful herbal products keep my blood sugar level even, so there is little craving and my appetite at each meal is reduced from what it used to be. I can eat
a portion of anything I want to eat.

A week ago our Growth Group from church was meeting here at our house. Someone said, "There is room on this couch for another person, so long as that person is a skinny female, like Diane." I don't know if I have ever been called skinny before, even in my skinny high school days, but I surely glowed with joy as I took my seat on the couch.

To your good health!
Diane Wilson
Erie, PA

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